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In-House Integration

In-House Integration

Let’s keep data in check, shall we? With Basilio Inc’s in-house integration team, we will help you keep track of data in full optimization. Take a look at how we can do this for you:


Inventory Ledger

We can convert all your invoices to electronic formats, because we all know that paper can be lost, and we don’t want that to happen! On top of that, we will help you validate every invoice you receive.

Advance Shipping Logistics

We will confirm all of your ordering and shipping processes so you can keep better track of how inventory moves in your business. If there’s need for an advance shipping notice, we’ve got that covered. We’ll also make sure all of your orders are properly tracked, so nothing gets lost along the way.

Direct FTP Acess

We will create FTP access solutions with which you can transfer large files. This will eliminate the hassle of handling tons of files and documents. On top of all this, everything will be done securely, so none of the data is leaked!