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Logistic Optimization and 3PL Solutions

Logistics Optimization

What is a business without proper logistics? Inefficient at best. What is a business with bad logistics? Absolute chaos!

When it comes to logistics, a lot of businesses tend to struggle because logistics is indeed a complicated sphere. At Basilio Inc, you can make use of our logistic solutions to properly move your products around without having to worry about, well, logistics!

As soon as you get your purchase order from us, we’ll start the shipping process for your products.

We own a large-scale warehouse, and we work with a ton more all across the United States. On top of handling the shipping process, we are also equipped to handle the packing process for your products, which we carry out in full compliance of marketplace policies and regulations. The warehouses we work with are also equally equipped to handle this process.

We also provide you with complete tracking numbers and information, so you know where your products are, and where they are going at any given time.

At Basilio Inc, we will expedite the logistics process, whether you’re sending your orders to other sellers, a brick and mortar location, or directly to the end user! Give us a call and let’s figure out how we can move your products around!