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Guide to Selling Sports & Outdoors Products on Amazon

Welcome to Basilio Inc. Guide to Selling Sports & Outdoors Products on Amazon. If you’re thinking about starting up your own business as an Amazon seller, stick around, because you’ve come to the right place. 

Basilio Inc’s data reveals the remarkable surge in growth within the Sports & Outdoors category, with an astounding 80% year-over-year increase in Amazon sales. As consumers adapted to new lifestyles, home fitness and outdoor activities became the norm, reshaping consumer behavior indefinitely. Our book explores the changing habits of consumers, the rise of at-home fitness providers, and the thriving community of outdoor enthusiasts turning to Amazon for their adventure gear needs.

Chapter 2 – Product Regulations

Regulatory Requirements

The Sports & Outdoor category on Amazon is generally considered low-risk, offering great opportunities for sellers. However, specific product types within this category, such as pesticides, pesticide devices, and weapons, require sellers to navigate stringent regulatory requirements to ensure compliance.

Pesticides & Pesticide Devices: Selling pesticides or pesticide devices on Amazon presents unique challenges that sellers must address diligently:

  • Amazon’s Pesticide Training Module: To list pesticide products, sellers are required to complete Amazon’s pesticide training module, ensuring they possess the necessary knowledge about proper handling and regulatory compliance.
  • EPA Registration Number: Brands selling pesticides must display their EPA Registration Number on the packaging, providing evidence of compliance with Environmental Protection Agency regulations.
  • EPA Establishment Number: Similarly, for pesticide devices, brands must include their EPA Establishment number on the packaging, showcasing adherence to regulatory standards.
  • 25(b) Exemption: Certain products, known as 25(b) exempt, enjoy an EPA registration exemption. These natural insect repellents, like citronella or peppermint oil, can make specific pesticide claims without full registration.
  • EPA Regulations: Brands must avoid making pesticide claims without proper registration. Non-compliance with EPA regulations can lead to serious consequences, such as account suspensions, bans, and potential fines.

Examples of Pesticides: Pesticide products in the Sports & Outdoor category encompass a range of items like insecticides, rodenticides, herbicides, fungicides, repellants, and antimicrobial pesticides. These products serve diverse purposes, from insect control to plant protection, and must meet regulatory standards for sale on Amazon.

Examples of Pesticide Devices: In the category, you will find various pesticide devices like ultraviolet light units, sound generators, insect traps, ground vibrators, water treatment units, and air treatment units. As sellers, adhering to regulatory requirements is crucial to ensure smooth operations and compliance with Amazon’s guidelines.


Amazon’s strict policy on prohibited weapons and accessories has resulted in the effective ban of assault rifle accessories and certain types of knives or edged products. For brands and sellers operating in this space, this comprehensive policy poses significant challenges. Manufacturers of weapon accessories often face listing issues related to product compatibility with trademarked manufacturers, presenting a common obstacle in this niche. Thankfully, Amazon provides clear guidelines on using trademarked terms in listings to avoid intellectual property violations. Utilizing simple phrases like “fits,” “is compatible with,” or “works with” can effectively convey product compatibility without infringing on trademarks.

While these guidelines are in place to maintain a safe and regulated marketplace, sellers can still provide valuable information about their products. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial to avoid listing rejections and protect intellectual property rights. To ensure compliance, sellers must diligently monitor their listings for potential violations and address any issues promptly.

Regulatory Bodies

When venturing into the Sports & Outdoors category on Amazon, it is crucial to understand the potential regulatory obligations that may apply to your products. The oversight for such items depends on their nature, and they may fall under the purview of either the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The EPA’s jurisdiction extends to products such as pesticides, where safety and environmental standards are of paramount importance. Conversely, the CPSC is primarily responsible for overseeing most consumer products, particularly those catering to children under the age of 12.

Within the Sports & Outdoors category, special attention is placed on outdoor games and recreational equipment designed for children. These products face stringent regulation and must adhere to specific safety criteria mandated by the CPSC. To ensure compliance, extensive testing is required, which must be conducted by a laboratory accredited by the CPSC, and sellers must obtain a Children’s Product Certificate.

The Children’s Product Certificate serves as a vital attestation that a product not only meets but surpasses CPSC’s rigorous safety regulations. For parents and consumers, this certificate offers essential peace of mind, assuring them that the product is safe for use by children and aligns with the highest safety standards.

Product Regulations 

To ensure compliance with federal regulations for your product, thorough research on the specific governing agency is paramount. Each federal agency has its own jurisdiction, and identifying the appropriate one for your product is the initial step in the compliance journey. By understanding the regulatory landscape, you can align your product with the necessary requirements and ensure smooth sailing in the market.

The next critical step is having your product tested in a reputable laboratory. Countless accredited domestic and foreign labs collaborate with various federal agencies, offering a spectrum of services and prices. For instance, if your product falls under the baby category, esteemed laboratories like CTT, BV Labs, and Intertek possess expertise in this domain and can assist with the necessary testing.

When partnering with a testing lab, they often provide a comprehensive regulatory analysis, simplifying the process of identifying and meeting compliance requirements for your product or category. This analysis acts as a valuable resource, guiding you through the intricate regulatory maze and ensuring all the boxes are ticked for your product’s safe and legal entry into the market.

In addition to collaborating with testing labs, you can kickstart your research with a simple Google search. Many federal agencies release user-friendly guidance documents that elaborate on regulations in easily understandable language. These documents serve as valuable starting points, providing insights into the specific requirements and easing your journey towards regulatory compliance.

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