We’ll Build a Million-Dollar

Amazon Brand For You!

Using our unique Subscription Store Model that’s already generated over
$350 million in revenue for 82 stores… $100,000s in operating income for
private clients… and 52 separate 7, 8 and 9-figure payday exits.


What’s Better Than up to $100,000/mo + Amazon Brand?
Not having to do anything to set it up.

Not having to worry about finding profitable products.

Not having to worry about account suspensions.

Not having to worry about manufacturing partnerships and logistics.

And that’s where we come in.

There’s a new, unique Amazon store model we’ve been exclusively building staffing for private clients, that many consider it to be the best passive cashflow-producing asset in 2023.

Better than stocks. Better than crypto. Better than real estate.

It’s produced over $350million in revenue.

It’s generating over $100,000/mo in passive income for our private clients, and.

It’s helped 52 of our partners cash in for 7, 8 and 9-figure valuation exits.

Which are a few of the many reasons high-end clientele, friends, and even our own families are happily investing into their Amazon business.

Because when you work with us to build your Amazon store…

We Do The Majority of Work, Practically… EVERYTHING For You…

✅We help build & manage your backend staffing of your store FOR YOU

✅Source high-quality products, design the packaging & create an
EXIT-ABLE 7, 8 or 9-figure brand…

Handle ALL the manufacturing relationships, partnerships and logistics…

✅And GROW your store for you to
$10k/mo… $30k/mo… even $100k+/mo.

All YOU have to do is authorize work & approve orders for less than 1hr/week…
Collect your monthly deposits…straight from AMAZON

And we take care of the rest.


You OWN your company, the products, your brands, your store is 100% YOURS. (unlike other partnership offers)

We’ve Already Generated $350 Million in Revenue…$100,000s/month in Operating Income…
And Exited 52 Stores For 7, 8 & 9-Figure Valuation Paydays.

…want to be next?

Yes, Build Me A Million-Dollar Amazon StoreYes, Build Me A Million-Dollar Amazon Store


Step 1. We Will Help Setup Your Store FOR YOU!

In this step we do all the heavy lifting for you to set up your store the RIGHT WAY…

Many ‘traditional’ Amazon models like Online Arbitrage & Dropshipping put you at RISK for account suspension.

However with us, we set your store up and get you started with a PREVENTATIVE model, so you never get suspended.

Step 2. Market Validation

Amazon restricts certain product categories.

Thing is, these restricted categories are the highest-grossing product categories to sell in.
Selling OUTSIDE these categories is why most stores fail (high competition).

ONE ungated product has $3,800+/day potential..

& we build you a PRODUCT LINE of multiple ungated products.

(We even have an entire department of 20+ employees dedicated to finding potential new, high-selling products for you.)

Then, once we find a good product – we meet with & negotiate favorable deals with supply chains on your behalf. All YOU’D need to do is authorize your purchase order
..we do the rest (shipping, warehousing, etc)

Step 3. Subscription Cashflow

Our Secret to success is we use subscription products to Generate RECURRING cash flow…

Because in most “Traditional” Amazon stores – the customer buys a product from them once, and never returns.

& But with a Subscription Based Store – our customers buy from us 3… 5… even 10+ times…MONTHLY!

So, after we load up your store with subscription products…

We use a paid launch for a quick cash infusion & to get picked up by the algorithm… then, we collect recurring income from subscription sales as the algorithm scales us.
THAT is how we scale stores to $5mil+ per Year.

Step 4. Exit-Ready Brand

There’s actually 2 ways we’re making money here with Amazon.

1) Product sales for business operating income.
2) Selling the brand for EXIT income

Which is what makes this different from other models…

When you partner with us:The product is yours. The Business owned by you! And we’re strictly a service provider who work for your success.

Because our goal is for you to be able to EXIT your store for 5x-10x the cash flow.

Now, it takes about 5-10yrs to get there…
But during that time, you’re going to be getting passive cash-flow.

If you want more information, and to see exactly how this all works…

Our team has set aside some time to PERSONALLY walk you through the details and answer any questions you have, on a booked call


On this call we’ll walk you through the details, show you case studies, and answer your questions you may have about expectations, things that are unclear, etc…

You’ll see it ALL:

✅A walkthrough of our warehouse, processing and product processes…

✅The secret to us generating over $350 million in revenue for ourselves & partners…

✅You’ll personally meet the founders of Basilio, inc…

✅How we’ll build YOUR backend, staff that will manage of your business.

And more….

Click the button below now to schedule your free Q&A info call.

We’ve Already Generated $350 Million in Revenue…$100,000s/month in Operating Income…
And Exited 52 Stores For 7, 8 & 9-Figure Valuation Paydays.

…want to be next?

Yes, Build Me A Million-Dollar Amazon StoreYes, Build Me A Million-Dollar Amazon Store


16 years experience building over 82 Amazon stores

Generated Helped partners exit 52 stores (and counting) for over $1 million valuation paydays. for ourselves and partners

Helped partners exit 52 stores (and counting) for over $1 million valuation paydays. for our partners.

Helped partners exit 52 stores (and counting) for Helped partners exit 52 stores (and counting) for over $1 million valuation paydays.

We focus on Quality not Quantity

Basilio Inc is currently over 100+ World Class Staff located Internationally.
We have over 15 Departments that can work on your company & the brand developed with you will be designated to YOUR STORE and Business Exclusivity.


Cebu Philippines Office

Our office space have dedicated on site managers & front desk security. Office is closely monitored through video surveillance, with computers monitored for work performance, and work related activities.

Virtual Workers & Consultants

We frequently like to hire 3rd party consultants to teach our staff, to improve our efficiency, & get up to date with current developments within the market. Currently we are working with consultants in the United Kingdom, England, Australia, & Canada. Virtual Assistant & Consultants are closely monitored for their activities and work performance.

Yerevan, Armenia

Our office space have dedicated on site manager & front desk security. Office is closely monitored through video surveillance, with computers monitored for work performance, and work related activities.

Warehouses Locations

Our warehouse partners are not diclosed publicly due to security reasons. We take our operation seriously and have all offices recorded via surveillance with on site security. Our company’s warehouse partners are currently in Florida, Miami. Inquiry for prepping for third party sellers we will provide our trusted partners.

NOTE: We retain the right to selectively choose our partners to ensure optimal collaboration and the highest level of support.

We have shifted our focus to providing staffing solutions for aspiring business professionals entering the ecommerce industry. Our approach involves hiring and training staff members who will be assigned to your business. Understanding the extensive requirements of building and managing an ecommerce venture, we aim to support clients throughout every stage of your business development.

For clients with an already existing operation, we offer customizable ala carte services to meet your business needs. Our comprehensive range of services supports various aspects of your business operations. View our services for more information


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