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Guide to Selling Toys & Games on Amazon

Welcome to Basilio Inc. Guide to Selling Toys & Games on Amazon. If you’re thinking about starting up your own business as an Amazon seller, stick around, because you’ve come to the right place. 

At Basilio Inc, we’ve partnered with numerous Toys & Games brands, experiencing a remarkable 30% year-on-year increase in Amazon sales in 2020. Our expertise in advertising and sales strategies led to a 29% reduction in advertising cost of sale (ACOS), amplifying profitability for our partner brands. The incredible performance continues in 2021, with an average 18% growth in Amazon sales for our partner brands

Chapter 5 – Data & Experience Matters

In the bustling world of Toys & Games, winning the attention of customers is paramount. Shoppers in this category prioritize the joy of a fun product over brand loyalty, making it a constant battle for net new customers. To thrive in this competitive landscape, you need an assertive marketing strategy, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to a colossal budget. By leveraging the right tools and expertise, you can achieve strong performance with a moderate Amazon budget. Unsure about setting a reasonable marketing budget? We’ve got you covered with an example tailored for small to medium brands looking to grow their Amazon channel sustainably.

Effective marketing goes beyond expenses—it becomes an investment that yields profitable returns. At Basilio Inc, we’ve worked with over 400 Toys & Games brands, and our experience offers valuable insights into gauging your marketing performance. Here are the average results we delivered for brands in the Toys & Games category in 2020:

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