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Welcome to the “HIVE” and this is my lifestyle tool box. I’ve spent an enormous amount of time researching the best softwares, educational systems for building businesses, plugins for creating content online, services that improves my efficiency… through trial and errors I’ve refined my businesses and tailored them in my systems. So what I’ve done is compiled my courses,  online services, gears and equipment that I use for my businesses and my clients. These are the tools that I have consistently used which has helped me create my brand, my companies up to date. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on online courses, hundreds of books, e-books, attended many seminars, and worked with many successful entrepreneurs in their niche.


In order to ensure your success, I believe that I need to be transparent with some of the tools and resources that I am using. Let me save you some time, use the same tools that I am using if you desire, and if you want go ahead read the same books that I’ve read, and take the same courses that I’ve took feel free to follow my recommendations. These tools are designed to help you create your financial freedom by creating active and passive sources of income.  I will also provide information that I find useful that helps improve other aspects of my life such as lifestyle hacks, the art of negotiating, health and productivity, and biohacking.  My goal is to help enrich your life and recondition you to become your best version.


Your friend and mentor,


Amazon Assassins:  Want to become successful in building an e-commerce dropshipper? Do you want to save time and energy researching the right products to sell? We teach our members how to effectively research a products that are not competitive on the market so you can dominate your niche. We also share our recommendations of tools that we personally use for our businesses. The best part of our system is that you don’t need any prior experience in any sales, business, etc  to be able to Dropship and make a livable income.


Thinkific : Want to build an online course use you can use this platform for free until you’re ready to roll out on a business plan. Here’s what I’m going to do for you, get a free month Business Plan & use this on your business and this platform is almost everything you need to be successful in managing your business.

Shopify : The #1 E-commerce platform in the world that allows anyone to easily sell online, at a retail location, and everywhere in between.

GreenGeeks : This is the hosting service that I use for my blog, and every other website that I manage. (Watch: How to Create a blog and set it up in minutes. Godaddy :  This is where I buy my web domain names. You can buy .com’s for as low as $9.99, if you sign up for hosting with Green Geeks, you will receive a free domain for a year.

99Designs – This is where I get my logos designed and made. You can create content and have people from all over the world compete and design the best graphics for your products or anything in between. Fiverr – This is where I get a variety of things done for a fraction of a price $5. I’ve used Fiverr for many small task to help me with building my businesses.

Upwork This is where I hire freelancers for programming, writers, and marketers. You pay more but you will receive less headaches when working with these professionals. This is where I hire people for customer support or want to hire for a full time staff for whatever systems I’m building. You will have yourself a lot of head ache working with the people here and they are affordable!

Click bank : The most popular digital product retailer. You can sell your own information products through click bank, or promote others as an affiliate. I sell my programs through click bank.

AWeber : The most popular email opt-in service and e -mail broadcasting service. I use Aweber for my newsletters and mailing list.

Kindle Direct Publishing : This is where I publish my E books /Kindle Books and make money with Kindle publishing.

CreateSpace : This Amazon company allows you to publish a paperback or hardcopy book and sell it on Amazon. This is what I use for my E Book Publishing course.

ThemeForest : This is where I primarily acquire themes and plugins for wordpress for my client’s websites for their specific needs.

Google Analytics : This is why I use to track all of the statistics for my websites, including visitors, traffic sources, etc. All of my clients are subscribed here so we can improve our performance online.

KeyWord Planner : Google’s free keyword planner. I use this to plan out my plan of attack on the websites I am currently working on.

EZine Articles : great article submission tool that I’ve used to create back links for my websites/blogs and rank them in Google and other search engine.

Submit Your Article: A great article submission tool that I’ve used to create back links for my websites/blogs and rank them in Google and other search engine.

Unique Article Wizard : Great article submission tool. I alternate between Submit your Article and Unique Article Wizard to create back links and rank my sites in Google.

Majestic SEO : Link intelligence tools for SEO and Internet PR and Marketing. Site Explorer shows inbound link and site summary data.

Market Samurai : This is what I use for keyword research before I create a blog or website, so I’m able to rank it effectively in Google and other search engines.

Long Tail Pro : This is one of my primarily tools for keyword researching my competitors, and finding where all the high traffic is allocated in. I use it to help rank my products, website effectively on Google & and other Search Engines


Apple MPDL2LL/A 13″ MacBook Pro, Retina, Touch Bar, 3.3GHz Intel i7 Dual Core, 16GB RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Intel Iris 550, Silver My primarily laptop I use for entertainment, building websites, software, editing videos, marketing, manage my schedule, running my e-commerce business, etc. I can’t live without this laptop. Apple iPhone X: I only use Apple Products for entertainment, marketing, doing cold calls, manage my schedule.

OMEN by HP Gaming Desktop Computer, Intel Core i7-8700K, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, 16GB RAM, 2TB hard drive, 512GB SSD, Windows 10 (880-130, Black): The desktop computer I use to run my cryptoinvesting business, and on the side mining whenever I’m away, asleep, etc basically whenever I am can use the GPU on this beast. Camtasia 3: This is the software I use to record screen capture video for my step by step training programs, and courses. Final Cut Pro – This is what I use to edit my video blogs with. You can use iMovie as an alternative if you’re using a Mac Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 – This is the software I use to create logos, modify photos, whenever I really want to be nit picky on the design of my products.

Sennheiser EW112PG3A Wireless Microphone Kit with extra batteries and SKB iSeries case: This is my wireless mic set up that I use for recording when I’m traveling, when I’m doing podcast with friends, etc

Blue Yeti USB Microphone This is what I use for recording my step to step training.