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The Market Validation Process

Welcome to Basilio Inc. The Market Validation Process. If you’re thinking about starting up your own business as an Amazon seller, stick around, because you’ve come to the right place. 

In this comprehensive guide,  you’ll uncover the power of market validation through insightful competitor analysis. Our data-driven approach enables informed decisions when launching product lines on Amazon, helping us understand our strengths and weaknesses for a proficient market entry. By focusing on delivering value to the marketplace, our strategies can benefit your business too. This book provides comprehensive insights and data-driven strategies to identify and compete effectively against worthy opponents, optimizing your efforts for maximum impact

Chapter 4 – Keyword Research Exercise

Mastering the art of keyword research is crucial, as highlighted in our comprehensive blog on this topic. When delving into competitive research, remember that quality triumphs over quantity. Instead of compiling an exhaustive list of 100 relevant keywords, prioritize the top 5-10 terms that are most impactful for your business. Attempting to be present across all possible keywords may dilute your efforts and hinder your ability to excel in any particular area. It’s essential to concentrate your competitive efforts strategically, directing them where they can yield the maximum benefits for your brand.

What Are My Top Keywords? 

Ensure your product is accurately represented through targeted keywords that reflect its purpose and features concisely. Kickstart the process by brainstorming a comprehensive list of relevant words and brief phrases. If you’re unsure where to begin, refer to your product’s packaging for inspiration. Take, for instance, a Dog Orthopedic Bed; its very name presents the first potential keyword – “Orthopedic Dog Bed.” Add this term to your growing list of keywords to be further evaluated for their potential as top-ranking keywords in your product category. With a well-optimized list, you can maximize your product’s visibility and reach on Amazon’s search engine results page (SERP), driving higher organic traffic and potential sales.

Keyword Research Exercise

Keyword research is a fundamental aspect of your Amazon selling strategy, and our expert guidance will navigate you through this crucial process. Rather than drowning in an exhaustive list of keywords, we prioritize identifying the 5-10 MOST Relevant and Impactful Terms that can genuinely revolutionize your business. Quality over quantity is our mantra; being present everywhere may not yield the desired results. Focusing your efforts on SPECIFIC keywords that can have the most significant impact on your success is paramount.

To begin, create a concise list defining the top keywords that are relevant and hold the most impact for your product line within your search. For example, let’s consider a product called “Orthopedic Dog Bed.” Your audience may also refer to it as a “Washable Dog Bed,” “Plush Soft Pet Mat Pad,” or “Pet Crate Bed.” Understanding the various names your potential customers use for your product is crucial for optimal keyword targeting.

Moreover, defining the purpose of your product’s existence is vital. Does it cater to “Helps with Anxiety” for pets or merely provides a comfortable “Pet Sleeping” experience? Understanding the primary purpose allows you to tailor your keywords to resonate better with your target audience, leading to more impactful results.Keyword Research Exercise Pt 2

Keyword Research: Your Data-Driven Advantage

While this guide provides practical insights without external tools, we highly recommend incorporating a keyword research tool for a data-driven approach. With numerous free and paid options available, these tools offer invaluable insights on keyword relevancy, search volume, trends, and ranking difficulty, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Validating Keywords on Amazon SERP

Once you compile your potential keywords, the next step is to search each one on Dive into the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for each keyword, ensuring alignment with your product and its competition. This validation process ensures your keywords resonate with your target audience.

Prioritizing Relevance over Traffic

Attracting the RIGHT traffic is key. While search volume matters, relevance plays a pivotal role in positioning your product and enabling it to thrive against competitors. Focusing on relevant keywords yields more targeted and high-converting traffic.

Refining Selection through SERP Analysis

To finalize your top keywords, delve deeper into the SERPs of your top 4-5 choices. Analyze competitors, study top-performing products, and understand successful seller strategies. This in-depth analysis refines your selection, aligning your chosen keywords perfectly with your product.

Empowering Keyword Research Tools

For your keyword research journey, we’ve curated a list of top tools we personally utilize for our services and client accounts. Each tool boasts unique strengths, allowing you to tailor your selection to your needs and budget. Currently what our company utilizes are the following software for keyword research – Jungle Scout, Amz Scout, Helium 10, Ahrefs

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