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14 Strategies for Succeeding on Amazon FBA – Part 1

It is a general rule of thumb that Amazon FBA is the speediest way to succeed in your e-commerce business. That’s because Amazon absolves you from different duties, such as storing your goods, proper packaging, and fast shipping. You must be thinking, “What do I need more for being happy?” There are lots of important steps that you, as the FBA seller, have to implement in order to build a profitable business on Amazon.

That’s why Jerome Basilio’s team has decided to collect the required actionsby following which you can succeed under the FBA model.

Strategy # 1

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors!

We recommend that you start with researching the best-selling products on Amazon. It will help you understand which products are currently popular on Amazon. Go through your main competitors’ pages, and learn their metrics; it will be easier for you to choose the right products for selling through Amazon FBA by getting a rough idea of what other successful sellers are putting their hands on

Strategy # 2

Think Twice, Cut Once!

Another vital part when you are selling on Amazon is that you should always consider the sales rank. Look, of course, high ranking products are sold faster; at the same time, you should be ready that you will face strong competition.

Low-ranking products, in their turn, are sold slower; however, you are provided with a chance to develop your products popularity and dominate the market. Think about it! What if you could get those low-ranking products and make them sell well, while everyone else is concentrated on the high-ranking ones? We have the tools for you to make this happen! Any product on Amazon can be a potential gold mine.

Strategy # 3

Mix Up Products

If you concentrate on selling the same listings, you automatically reduce the chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box. However, you can create a mixed listin, by combining two different products. In this case, you will have a unique listing, and can still continue to fight for the Buy Box.

Strategy # 4

Don’t Take on More Than You Can Chew!

Keep in mind, that you don’t have to possess a big number of products for launching your FBA business. Start with a few products in order to insure whether these products are going to fly on Amazon or not.

Strategy # 5

Work on Your Brand

If you want to differ your product from masses, then, you should pay more attention to your recognizability, which means you should create your own brand. Additionally, you should not underestimate important aspects such as high-quality images, descriptions and eye-catching titles. You can also insert personal packaging with your logo, by putting your email address, or the names of your social media accounts.

Strategy # 6

The Importance of Professional SEO

Amazon is a huge marketplace, with more than 2.5 million sellers. Imagine how difficult it would be for your customers to find your product on Amazon. And, here comes the importance of SEO in your business. First of all, you should be aware that Amazon, like Google, is a search engine. So, you can boost your sales by implementing special keywords, which are widely searched by customers. It will help you increase visibility of your products for your potential buyers. We know just the right people for this job. Actually, we are the right people for the job!

Strategy # 7

The Importance of Good Images

Amazon has several strict requirements regarding products’ images.  For example, the pictures of your products have to show solely the product, without any person. You are allowed to add more than seven pictures, based on your product category. Try to ensure that you use solely high-quality images, since your customer’s first impression concerning your products depends on the images. Show it from different angles, by implementing different options, such as show-in-action videos, and show close-ups whenever possible, especially if your product is small.

We have brought to your attention only seven tips out of fourteen which can help you succeed by doing FBA on Amazon. Do not miss the second part of our blog, where we are going to talk about more useful strategies for building a powerful and profitable business on Amazon. In that case, if you intend to launch an e-commerce business but don’t know from where to start, reach out to Jerome Basilio’s team, and we will gladly assist you by providing a comprehensive guideline for both beginners, and seasoned veterans who are looking to take things up a notch. By working with our team, you can be sure that you have invested your money in right sphere!





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