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All You Need to Know About Amazon’s New Returns Policy

The global situation with COVID-19 has affected different spheres of our lives. There are lots of business owners who had to change the entire way of their operation in order to save their business at any costs.

And Amazon is not an exception. Recently, the retail giant has announced that it has changed its return policy because of the coronavirus. For example, those customers who have bought products from Amazon between March 1 to April 30, have a unique chance to return orders by May 31st. Whereas Amazon’s usual return policy states that the item must be returned within 30 days.

Additionally, Amazon has announced that it is changing its returns policy for those sellers who prefer to fulfil their orders by themselves. Thus, third party sellers have to abide by the same rules as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) sellers.

The main idea of this novelty is that from now on, a buyer does not have to contact the seller before returning the product for a refund. Additionally, the seller will not be able to contact a customer who wants to return an item in order to suggest several options for avoiding returns.

Moreover, after receiving a return, an Amazon seller has to issue a refund within two business days.

Today, we are going to figure out the main reasons why Amazon has changed its returns policy and how it will affect your business.


The Reason for Changes!

The main reason for these changes is that Amazon wants to simplify the process of returns and decrease buyers’ customer Return Dissatisfaction Rate. Additionally, Amazon wants to support its customers by providing them with more time for making their purchasing decision whether they need a product or not. So, if you want to continue your business on this platform, you have to admit all the changes and strictly follow them. Otherwise, you can face lots of errors within your Amazon business.

What You Can Do to Avoid Scamming Issues!

As an Amazon seller, you may probably worry what you can do to avoid being scammed. And it is understandable, since there are lots of sellers who can take advantage from this change and start sending orders back just because they find a better offer elsewhere. Fortunately, there are several steps which will help you reduce such issues in your business.

The main reason is that Amazon has advised merchants in place to request to have SKUs in their inventory. Additionally, sellers are provided with a unique chance to deduct the cost of return shipping from the refund which occurs due to customers’ faulty returns. Plus, you can charge a restocking fee up to 50%.


If you face faulty return issues, you can easily appeal them by writing to Amazon. However, if your buyer requests a refund for receiving the wrong item, you have to provide them with a full refund; otherwise, you seller account will be suspended by Amazon and you have to spend an endless amount of time trying to reinstate it. Or, you can contact our partners from Got Suspended Client’s team and they will help you return your selling privileges with a shortest period of time.

As practice shows, Amazon’s customers buy products from this platform because they really want it without planning to return it in the future. Additionally, your customers are still provided with a chance to contact you if they have any issues concerning the order.

Keep in mind that when you face returns within your operation, it is a perfect chance to communicate with your customers personally and build more engaged relationships with them. If you put much effort and solve this error, the possibility that your customer will buy another product from you is too high. Plus, they won’t leave negative feedback concerning your service.

But if you want to stay away from returns, we suggest that you take a closer look at Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). Since, in this case, Amazon will take care of the entire process of returns and refunds. Additionally, you should not worry about issues such as products’ packaging and storing. Contact Jerome Basilio’s team and our Amazon automation service will help you choose the best way for starting an FBA business on Amazon. Additionally, our Amazon account management service will assist you with any issues that you will meet during your operation. You can go through our website and learn more about services provided by Jerome Basilio’s team.

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