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How to Get an Amazon Best Seller Badge

Who wouldn’t want to be the best of the rest and get noticed in class? If you were the nerd in high school, you can be the nerd on Amazon by making sure all of your products get slapped with Amazon’s Best Seller badge, which will increase the sales of the products, as well as your reputation as an Amazon seller.

Before revealing the know-how, let’s figure out what the Amazon Best Seller Badge actually is.

We’re sure you’ve seen it before. It’s that little orange badge that says “Best Seller” on any product on Amazon, immediately drawing your attention when you’re looking at a long list of products. It’s like the eye automatically sees the word “best” on a page full of words!

The Good News About Amazon Best Seller Badge!

The Best Seller badge is no longer exclusive to the products with the highest sales (#1) in a given category! These products are also known, you guessed it, best seller products! Nowadays, more than one item can get the badge. In fact, there can be 100 Best Seller badges  per category and subcategory (if there are more items per subcategory). Which also poses a slight problem: competition is high, especially in mother categories instead of subcategories! Sellers are beating each other up (figuratively, of course!) trying to get that badge on whatever product it is they are selling!

Obviously, if you do not have a good product (including the keywords, bullet points, product listings, images, etc.) which sells well, or if you aren’t doing things correctly another way, you are not going to get the Best Seller badge on Amazon.

Who Wants to be the Best Forever?

Here’s something you might not know about the badge: it’s not there to last for an eternity! Because the best seller ranks for each product change every hour or so on Amazon. So, if you have a product which has the Best Seller badge, it might go poof after an hour because that product might no longer be a bestseller. You have 24 hours to get in the competition, and get that badge before someone else does.

So, how do you do it? How do you stay on top of the fierce competition, get the highest rankings for your products, and get the magical Best Seller badge?

Let’s find out!

The first thing you need to do to increase the chances of winning the Amazon Best Seller badge for your products is to make sure you stand out from the competition as a seller. You can do this in many ways, but here some of the main ones:

  • Lower prices: customers who aren’t looking for lower prices? We haven’t seen them, have you? The lower the prices of your products, the more you will stand out as a seller. Of course, never forget that you can never undercut Amazon! They own the marketplace, and they play by their own rules.
  • Becoming an FBA Seller: For some reason. Amazon customers love when they see a product is fulfilled by Amazon. By choosing FBA, you will also paint a picture of a more reputable seller on Amazon. Also, only Amazon FBA sellers can offer the Amazon Prime service which automatically attracts buyers.
  • Product Category: Another requirement for expediting the process of winning an Amazon badge is paying due attention to the category under which you are going to sell your products. That’s because it allows your customers to find your products easier and faster.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Running a promotional campaign is the best way for expediting the process of getting the Best Seller Badge. Try to devote a considerable amount of time to creating a professional campaign, since it will help you a lot to boost your sales by getting more customers’ attention.


By having an Amazon Best Seller Badge, you can drastically improve your business. Thanks to this little detail, you can attract potential customers to your product and get more sales. If you need more information on this topic, you can contact our partners at Oceanic Zoo and they will help you develop your Amazon business by providing you with lots of useful options.

But if you intend to become the owner of a ready Amazon business, you can contact our team and we will make you an offer you can’t refuse. You can visit our website where you can find more information regarding the services that we provide.

Jerome Basilio

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