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Social Media OA Specialist

Job Summary:
The Social Media Quality Analyst Specialist is a detail-oriented and self-motivated entry-level or junior level individual with at least a year of experience, on the job or relevant. The incumbent should have a solid understanding of quality assurance principles and methodologies along with hands-on experience with social media applications. The role will focus on ensuring quality and content posted on socmed platformsL BitChute, Buzzsprout, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Podchaser, Publer, Rumble, Pinterest, Streamyard, Tiktok, X/Twitter and/or VidIQ.
Key Responsibilities:
Reports to the Sales Manager/Marketing Manager/Operations Manager regarding the productivity under the Operations Department, the challenges encountered with their respective action plan, and strategies to be developed or implemented;

Specific Responsibilities:
a. Conduct quality assurance audits to social media content before it’s scheduled for posting;
b. Developing processes to ensure content is QA’ed;
c. Verifies that information posted is factually correct, especially about Amazon;
d. Tests and verified that all links in content to be posted are working correctly;
e. Verifies that all components in a piece of social content are done (ex: title, thumbnail, descriptions, timestamps, etc.);
f. Coach team members how to improve their content when errors are discovered and guidance to end-users regarding software functionality and troubleshooting;
g. Collaborate with team members and corresponding departments to improve QA processes, methodologies, and documentation; 
h. Other related duties.  
Education: At least a Diploma in any discipline;
Skills and Work Experiences: 
a. At least 1 year of relevant experience in Social Media QA Specialist;
b. Strong understanding of quality assurance principles, methodologies, and best practices;
c. Hands-on experience with Social Media Platforms: BitChute, Buzzsprout, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, LinkTree, Podchaser, Publer, Rumble, Pinterest, Streamyard, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter) and/or VidIQ;
d. Experience with Monday or similar project management tools for task and project tracking;
e. Familiarity with software testing techniques, tools, and defect-tracking systems;
f. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills;
g. Strong communication and interpersonal skills;
h. Ability to work both independently and collaboratively within a team environment.
Key Performance Indicators:
Learning: Never-ending acquisition of knowledge and skills.
Eagerness: To get started. Keenness. Bias for fresh action.
Tech Savvy: 55+ WPM, Excel guru, Google enthusiast, uses Slack threads
Consistent Communication: Frequently convey info with clarity, accuracy, and purpose to all parties. 
Teaching: Help others learn, share your knowledge.
Category: Marketing
Location: Cebu Philippines

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