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Pinterest; An Alternative Source for Ecommerce Sellers

If you want to achieve great results, you have to be as obstinate as a child. These little creatures can badger their parents into buying a new computer without spending any effort, and this is what all business people should know about! If you want to start a selling career, you have to choose the best-selling products that ever existed; you have to attract and discreetly command your customers to buy your products; because otherwise, you’ll hardly keep your head above water!

Don’t bide your time, because it’s the perfect moment to start your selling career together with us at Jerome Basilio. But before contacting us and having an ultimate business investment experience, let’s talk a bit about products that you’d like to sell on Amazon.

What Most of Us Would Do

It’s not a secret that we all use Google. This search engine is easy to use, and in the blink of an eye provides curious sellers with tons of information. However, here’s one thing that you should consider before searching for bestsellers on Google. You should at first understand that any other seller can search the same information that you did, and choose the same products that you may choose. For this very reason, you can become a victim of vicious competition. And this is, dear friend, not good for a anyone who wants to invest in an online business!

What Else You Can Do

How do you feel about Pinterest? According to the website, “Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more.” But little did you know that apart from images of delicious cakes, organizing tips and ideas, you can also find your future products! Pinterest is the third largest social network in United States, which means that it’s not only widely used by customers, but also contains tons of information about your potential products.

According to research, Pinterest is not only famous, but is also used for shopping purposes. For almost 50% of users, Pinterest is a source for finding problem-solving products, and this is exactly what we mean by saying that Pinterest is great for sellers as well. By looking at the keywords (or most searchable words on Pinterest) you’ll find the problem, and therefore, the products that you will sell online to solve that problem!

Apart from that, with the help of this social network, you can narrow down your list of ideas. For example, you may want to sell baby products, but don’t really know the need in the market. You just go to Pinterest, search baby products, and look at the tool bar located under the search box. There you will find various options, which are obviously the most searched words on Pinterest.

Stats for Pinterest

  1. As you already know, 48% of Pinterest users use the platform for shopping purposes.
  2. 91% of users purchase tech products based on their searches in Pinterest! Seems like this social network has a great influence on its consumers…
  3. 73% of Pinners use the platform to detect new products. Most of them will spend their money on something new with great pleasure!
  4. Almost 80% of Pinners (apart from shopping) find numerous brands about which they have never heard before. This means that you have the chance to stand out, and become famous!

Pinterest is a great platform that you can use for finding new products, and as you already understood, becoming famous in the eCommerce sphere. Now that you know everything about this platform, you can freely search and find the products that you need. Just be careful with the products you choose, look at their expiry dates, seasonality and other factors that can affect your sales. Now you’re ready to become an eCommerce seller with a unique twist!





Jerome Basilio

Assisting businesses with Wholesale and Multimarket Management services is a passion of mine and that is why I formed Basilio Corporation, providing such services for 84 companies as of today. Basilio Corporation has sold a total of 52 stores for seven figures, in open digital exit broker companies. The company has partnered with Khachaturov Group, a leader in multiple industries, which has strengthened its resources. Over the years, I have used my experience to consult top players in the business, and mentored minds which became influential millionaires in the eCommerce sphere.