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Best eCommerce Websites

Customers, They Always Spend Money!

Let’s agree that customers are everywhere: who knows, maybe your potential customer just came home after work, sat on the couch and opened an ecommerce website like Amazon to relieve stress, spend some money, and do something good. Even though spending money is not always associated with the positive aspects, we should look at this question from customers’ perspective. Why do they shop? They shop because they need something, they shop because they want to, and finally they shop because they have too. In any case, they shop! This should be a sign for online sellers who want to grow their business – people always spend their money, even if they don’t want to. This is the reason the commerce industry is so popular nowadays!

In Search of an eCommerce Website

Are you looking for the best eCommerce website? Then you should know that each and every eCommerce website has its own pros and cons: one is always offering more, the other one provides things better. After all, choosing an eCommerce platform is up to you, and not someone else. But before that, we would like to show you what makes certain eCommerce platforms better and more desirable than others…. Online stores will always win the race if they use the best eCommerce website designs that customers prefer. Want to know more about these best eCommerce platform designs? Continue reading!

eCommerce Website Designs

Did you know that web design matters? Yes, it does! People always prefer platforms that look good, are easy to use, and are accessible. They always prefer platforms with a good website design, where a no-frills interface attracts and makes them spend their money. People want convenience, they unconsciously ask for a good eCommerce design that can help them enhance their shopping experience. If you want to succeed, you should choose an online store that is not only beautiful, but also whose main mission is the ease of use, simplicity and convenience. There’s no such a thing as the best e commerce platform, but there is such a thing as a good eCommerce website design!

What’s So Special About Design?

Studies have proved that simple and beautiful website design, ease of use, good product photos, pleasing color scheme and useful features are usually associated with high quality products, and the reputation of a company. As you can see, everything matters when customers are looking for an online store to spend their money at: they pay attention to the product pages, simple and clean design, bright colors and all that stuff. It’s important to understand that customers always look for options to choose: they feel more free when they have an option to choose a product, choose the language of the website, choose the products that they want to add in their shopping cart and so on. As you can see, freedom of choosing leads to spending money on the website that gives them that feeling!

What Else They Do?

What else eCommerce websites do? They have a great landing page that visitors see when they click on a lick that they see in ads from Google, Youtube and so forth…. It’s really easy to reach a customer: you should just learn some marketing strategies, and of course, design.


High quality images are a direct guarantee of millions of customers. Why? Because customers appreciate it when the platform uses clean and simple product images: they feel that the online store has a sense of taste, but at the same time, keeps a certain distance to give them more freedom. Of course, everything is done on a subconscious level, customers can’t analyze each e commerce website that they see!

What eCommerce Platforms Do

A bright example of an online store that pays attention to images is Amazon. This platform considers an eCommerce store a place to satisfy its customers, which means that just like everything else, images should be pleasing, simple and neat If there’s something that disturbs, or there’s too much skin on the image, they will kindly remove it: no sellers can showcase harmful, distracting or unpleasing images on that website!

Homepage Design

Homepage should also be well-designed and organized. Shoppers should feel the presence of your brand on the website: your homepage should literally say “it’s easy to navigate in here, pick me, choose me, love me!”

What a Homepage Includes

If the website offers a free trial, they should do everything possible to show that to their customers. If they have a social media account, they should make sure everything is visible on their homepage! This is the best online marketing strategy that encourages people to shop, trust their address or phone number to the website and so on…. eCommerce design is a complicated, but fruitful activity that every online store should go through. If the online shop you choose doesn’t have a user friendly interface, displeasing color palette and unreliable features, don’t use it, it will only hurt your business!

What To Do First

If you want to sell your products on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, you should first of all observe their pros and cons, analyze their website, and find out the revenue that they generate. A good website makes it easy to attract more visitors, attract buyers and to make them buy your products. To get started on one of these platforms, you simply need to fill in all the required information, such as your phone number, email address and so on… for example, selling on Amazon is almost free! You just fill in the info, and create your account for free: platforms like these are making it easy to sell, isn’t it wonderful?

Here’s a Tip!

Make sure you know about the fees that some platforms require you to pay every month, about the features that this or that platform offers, products that you need to source, and all that selling stuff!


If you want to start your wholesale career on one of the best eCommerce platforms of the world, you should know that there’s something we want to tell you! Our wholesale management system will ensure your business’ growth and development on any eCommerce platform that you will choose. Yes, eCommerce platforms are crucial, but we offer something more! If you want to know more, contact us!



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