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How to Maintain Amazon Seller Feedback In 2021

One of the most vital aspects in Amazon account management is maintaining good feedback. That’s because seller feedback plays an important role for building a reputable business on Amazon. However, most Amazon sellers fail when it comes to feedback, since only a few of them know how this mechanism of getting positive feedback works.

Recently, Amazon has come up with its seller feedback system, which helps customers identify fair sellers. But, before diving into this topic, let’s try to figure out what seller feedback is, and why it is vital for your Amazon business to have positive feedback.

How It Works!

Amazon seller feedback is a metric which helps improve your performance on Amazon. As a rule, there are two main ways through which a customer can leave feedback:

  • Access feedback page on Amazon
  • Return to the order page

Generally, customers are provided with a 90-day time frame during which they can leave their feedback. Here, customers can leave ratings on the sellers and write comments.

Seller Feedback and Product Reviews

At this time, every seller knows that both product reviews and seller feedback are aimed to add value to your business. However, most Amazon sellers do not even know the differences between them.

Seller Feedback!

The main purpose of seller feedback is to help customers decide to buy a product from you or not. Crucial factors such as your feedback score ratings, customer service, products’ packaging, and shipping time play a vital role in this process.


Product Reviews!

Product reviews solely refer to your products and have nothing to do with shipping periods or seller performance. In other words, it’s all about your product performance.

The Advantages of Seller Feedback!

Maintaining and tracking seller feedback is one of the most crucial aspects to cope with among other competitors. Especially now, when an e-commerce is cornering the market by becoming the main source of purchase for many customers thanks to technological advances, and, of course, COVID-19.

Therefore, if you want to run a profitable business on Amazon, you have to pay more attention to important parts of your business, such as seller feedback. That’s because having good feedback from your customers can influence your entire operation on Amazon, since you can attract the attention of new customers’ and drastically increase your sales.

Another benefit of having positive feedback is that you increase the chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box. There are several ways to win the Amazon Buy Box; however, one of the main requirements is to provide your buyers with exceptional customer service.

Additionally, you have to make sure that your account health is in good standing. In this case, you can be sure that you have all the chance to compete for winning the Amazon Buy Box.

Keep in mind that by maintaining poor seller feedback, you are under the risk of getting suspended by Amazon. The main reason is that Amazon wants to ensure that its customers get solely high-quality customer service, and parameters like negative feedback and refund rate can have a tremendous impact on your entire operation on Amazon.

Therefore, it is important to have a thought-out strategic process in place in order to run a safe business and avoid suspension issues.

Main Reasons for Receiving Negative Feedback on Amazon

Generally, late shipments are the main reasons for receiving negative feedback. And vise versa; if your customer receives the order earlier than expected, it encourages them to leave good feedback. So, you have to pay more attention to your shipping methods, and do your best in order to expedite delivery processes as much as possible.

Another reason for receiving negative feedback is maintaining improper listings. Therefore, you have to be as clear as possible, and accompany your product with high-quality images and proper descriptions in order to pass the whole idea of your product to your customer. Otherwise, you risk facing issues due to having negative feedback.

Returns and Refunds

One more reason which may encourage your customers to leave negative feedback are returns. That’s because Amazon wants its sellers to make the processes of returns and refunds easy for the buyers.

As you can see, there are lots of aspects which influence the process of receiving seller feedback from your customers. Sometimes, it is too hard for the seller to maintain all these processes at the same time and by themselves. But, Jerome Basilio’s team has prepared a solution to all these problems.

We suggest that you start using the FBA fulfilment method, the engine which drives all these processes at the same time. Contact us, and our Amazon automation service will help you choose the best option which suits you more.  Additionally, our Amazon account management team will help you manage your FBA business and avoid issues such as late shipments or poor packaging, which may become reasons for getting negative feedback.

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