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When Wholesalers Know How to Detect Fake Reviews, No One Can Win Them!

If your wholesale business is up and running, and you want to make it even better, you need to know everything about the world of Amazon, especially about the dangers! This is why we at Jerome Basilio spare no effort to educate you and show you the reality we all operate our businesses in!

We should be honest with you; Amazon is, of course, the marketplace where millions of sellers fulfill their dreams and have a huge customer base. However, this is a marketplace fraught with harsh competition and sellers who are ready to do literally anything to make you lose! As a result of this, sellers who are filled with the competition spirit, usually leave fake reviews under your listings! Unfortunately, sometimes even you can’t distinguish between the real and fake ones, because some sellers do it more than professionally! This is why we decided to share with you tips that will help you detect fake reviews and act against them!

Why You Can’t Detect Fake Reviews

You see, there are tons of companies that offer services like this. However, sellers leave fake reviews even without that! You can have a real order from a real person, think that everything’s perfectly fine and somehow get a negative review or feedback! This is because some customers are getting paid for leaving reviews that don’t really fit with reality! So, don’t get disappointed right after receiving negativity; it may be fake!

But How to Spot Them?

Measure the Length of Reviews

Fake reviews are usually very short, and we don’t really know why! Those programs offering fake reviews either don’t have enough imagination, or they simply work like that! What’s more, negative (and fake) reviews mostly concentrate on the negativity, and not the “bad” qualities of your products! So, if you find something like “I didn’t like it,” “product was horrible,” “don’t shop from this guy,” they are most likely fake! Good thing is, Amazon will likely discard them as well, especially if they are totally unrelated. For example, “product was too expensive” has nothing to do with the quality of the item. It will likely get disqualified by Amazon itself.

Feelings, They Matter Even in Reviews!

First of all, let’s understand why Amazon customers leave negative reviews. The answer is quite simple: they order a product, passionately wait for it to come and get disappointed. Here, there are three main options: customers either get the product and don’t like what they see, or they get it later than it was promised, or they don’t see the product at all! Negative review or negative feedback is a way to show their emotions and what they feel about that situation. So, if your feedback doesn’t contain any emotion like anger, disappointment or irritation, it can be fake!

Even Reviewers Have History!

After receiving negative feedback, check the person who left it. Fortunately, Amazon gives us that opportunity to see who the reviewer is, and under how many products they left a review. If the total number of reviews is not quite impressing, reviewers, together with their opinions, are probably fake!

“Customers Also Bought” Will Help!

You have surely seen this before! This is how it works: when you’re a customer and you’re looking through the reviews of a certain product, you will eventually see the “customers also bought” section. Here, you can see all the similar products that mostly the reviewers have purchased from Amazon. Therefore, if you see something that has nothing to do with the product the reviews of which you’re reading, they are mostly fake.

For example, you are a seller who is selling hair accessories. You decide to look at your listings from customers’ perspective and all of a sudden, you find out that “customers also bought” section doesn’t even contain accessory or fashion products! This is when you can understand that the reviews are probably fake! If customers were real, they would have real interests, and would buy at least similar products!

In other words, these are the tips that you can use in order to detect fake reviews and act against rogue sellers or customers. Believe us, Amazon is filled with jealous sellers who are ready to do everything in order to win the Amazon Buy Box!

Operating a wholesale business is complicated, and sometimes, it’s even dangerous if you have chosen Amazon! However, we at Jerome Basilio will help you manage your business, and what’s more, we will eliminate the risks of getting fake reviews on Amazon! If you feel that professional help, Amazon account management or other Amazon management services would be a great idea for you, give us a call! We will provide the best Amazon account manager for your business!

Jerome Basilio

Assisting businesses with Wholesale and Multimarket Management services is a passion of mine and that is why I formed Basilio Corporation, providing such services for 84 companies as of today. Basilio Corporation has sold a total of 52 stores for seven figures, in open digital exit broker companies. The company has partnered with Khachaturov Group, a leader in multiple industries, which has strengthened its resources. Over the years, I have used my experience to consult top players in the business, and mentored minds which became influential millionaires in the eCommerce sphere.