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How to Manage FBA Inventory – A Guide for Beginners

When you are selling on Amazon, you should strictly understand that Amazon inventory management is one of the most important aspects which plays a crucial role in the formation of your Amazon business. The main reason is that this option helps you control vital processes such as out-of-stock issues, order volume, cash flow, and sales flowing. And you as a seller have to make sure that all these processes are handled in a proper manner.

Today, Jerome Basilio’s team has prepared 5 useful tips which will help you effectively manage your FBA inventory.

Avoid Out of Stock Issues!

Being out of stock can become a reason for very serious issues within your Amazon business. Generally, it may lead to problems such as lost sales, lost income, lower product ranking, and lack of seller reviews. As a result, you can get suspended since your ODR will show poor metrics. In this case you can contact our partners from Got Suspended Clients who are qualified experts in all types of Amazon suspensions.

Maintain Your Stock Levels

Nowadays, Amazon provides its sellers with the widest chain of features that can simplify the process of your operation on this platform. In this case, you can easily control vital processes such as active and inactive listings, changing pricing, viewing your FBA stock levels, and tracking FBA shipments. You can track these processes by going to your Seller Central account where your data is always available for editing. In reality, there are lots of Amazon seller tools which will help you run a safe business on this platform without putting in serious efforts.

Plan Inventory Orders!

Keep in mind that you should always have enough inventory in your warehouse in order to file orders in a timely fashion. Therefore, you should understand your suppliers’ lead times. It will help you avoid issues such as not over-ordering and ordering too late. Therefore, try to do your best in order to track your inventory levels and sales volume.

Inventory Forecasting

Another issue that you have to figure out is predicting how much inventory you will need when it comes to placing new orders. Here, you have to base your decision by applying your own intuition in order to understand how much inventory you should order to avoid overstock issues. Try to make your decision based on factors such as seasonal demand, holidays, and trends.


Payability is the best way to turn your Amazon’s sales into daily income. The main idea of this service is to track your Amazon sales and deposit them into your bank account. In this case, you can get your Amazon payouts into daily deposits and have full control over your cash flow.

Prepare Yourself for Seasonal Sales

Both seasonal and holiday shopping can drastically affect your inventory, since during these periods, customers’ demand on several category of products grows drastically. Here, you should figure out in advance which product categories will be fast-moving during a certain period of time and which will not.

Promotions and Sales

Promotions always play a vital role during your operation on Amazon. By offering sale prices or free items, you can develop your business very fast. Keep in mind that you should be extra careful in order to avoid out of stock issues. Once you hit the number which may cause such issues, you should remove the promotion immediately.

As an Amazon seller, you should make sure that you have a solid reputation in place and should avoid issues such as poor inventory management at any costs. Use the tips that we have provided in this blog, since they can drastically improve your business on Amazon.

But, if you need more professional help, you can contact Jerome Basilio’s team and we will help you not only build, but also benefit from our FBA Inventory management system. By working with our team, you can be sure that you are investing in the best direction. For more information about services provided by our team, you can visit our website where you can also find lots of informative blogs about FBA inventory management.

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