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How to Optimize Your Amazon Inventory Storage

It’s quite obvious that selling on Amazon requires having a sense of responsibility and accountability. If you know, you know…! Handling dissatisfied customers, managing products and making sure they arrive safe are only the half of the duties Amazon sellers have. This is why selling on this platform is not one of the easiest tasks to handle!

If you’re just thinking about becoming an Amazon seller, you may wonder how the selling process is handled, how sellers are responding to customers and providing customer service, and how they manage their inventory! If you, as a future Amazon seller, want to know about this, or want to improve your already existing store, then this blog will help you a lot!

Amazon Inventory Management

To have control over your inventory and understand what you need and what you don’t, you have to manage your inventory like a pro. To do so, you need special eCommerce instruments that will help you organize your products and work with them appropriately.

But How?

Let’s Start From Amazon

Amazon won’t leave its sellers alone, and yes, sometimes that’s possible! In your seller central account, you will find a tab called “manage inventory,” and guess what? It will help you manage your inventory… In case you’re wondering what managing inventory really means: manage inventory page “provides you with tools for searching, viewing, and updating your product and inventory listing information.”

Together with this tool provided by Amazon, you will be able to work with your products, add them on Amazon, set and change their prices, change quantities, track FBA shipments and so forth! Now that you know what it is and what it can give you, give it a try and manage your inventory with the help of Amazon!

Amazon Selling Coach

And again, Amazon helps its sellers manage their inventory. Of course, Amazon does nothing for free, but still, it’s a fact that you can benefit from its services… This time we will talk about another service that’s offered by Amazon, and that helps many sellers manage their inventory.

One of those tools is Amazon Selling Coach. According to the platform, Amazon Selling Coach offers personalized recommendations to help you increase your success on Amazon. By saying this, Amazon says that if you’re running low on products, the coach will notify you. It will constantly monitor your recent inventory and sales data, and inform you when it’s time to restock. What’s more, selling coach will help you make your products available to international customers, which will increase your sales and boost your reputation.

Inventory Health Report

Let’s come back to Amazon and talk about reports it offers. Amazon is known for its analytical support and reports that it provides.

One of them is the inventory health report, which “provides detailed data about your sales, current sellable and unsellable quantities, inventory age, weeks   of cover left, and information about additional offers that are available on your products.” You will be able to see how many FBA offers there are, how many new and used offers are available for a specific product, and the lowest FBA and non-FBA price for both new and used conditions.

External Sources

Of course, using Amazon is a good and helpful way to manage your inventory, but still, working with a third-party company that will take care of your inventory is much better! Why? Because it’s our job to help you grow your business Amazon, while the platform mainly thinks about its customers. So, if you screw everything up on Amazon, the platform will take measures to satisfy its customers and punish you for doing something wrong. At the same time, screwing up while working with another company is not an option, because all the responsibility is on them!

We at Jerome Basilio offer similar services that are related to Amazon and business growth on this platform. We’re helping stores get bigger, more mature and more ready for the difficulties the Amazon world offers!

Together with our Amazon listing optimization, Amazon automation and other Amazon-related services, you will have a store that’s stuffed with orders and is always ready to work with Amazon customers. If you have questions and concerns, and need to understand how professionals of the industry work in regards to this question, you can always contact us and ask us everything you need!

Jerome Basilio

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