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Client Success Specialist

Job Summary:
The Client Success Specialist is a client retention advocacy role. The incumbent works closely with the Sales Team and other relevant departments. This role requires keeping clients happy and wanting their account stay with us. In doing this, the incumbent’s responsibilities may entail joining calls with clients, retaining existing clients, determining burn rates and appropriate workloads, providing monthly reports on client performance, handling client escalations and complaints.

All while involving appropriate departments. You could be sending client gifts, and more. Furthermore, this position would recommend changes in Brand Management, make recommendations on whether to attempt to retain a specific client, and handle abusive clients.
Key Responsibilities:
Reports to the Sales Manager regarding the productivity under the Operations Department, the challenges encountered with their respective action plan, and strategies to be developed or implemented;

Specific Responsibilities:
a. Handles retention tickets;
b. Manages retention contracts;
c. Assist with pricing agreements and ensure the Client PM team archives clients properly;
d. Other related duties.  
Education: At least a Diploma in any discipline;
Work Experiences: 
a. You should be independent, comfortable with leadership, and know-how to build a process.
b. Strong organizational skills: You should be comfortable problem solving, managing projects, time management, calendar management and detail oriented
c. Excellent interpersonal skills: You should be comfortable taking responsibility for client accounts, conducting client calls, and communicating with clients on a frequent basis to grow their sales on Amazon.
Key Performance Indicators:
Learning: Never-ending acquisition of knowledge and skills.
Eagerness: To get started. Keenness. Bias for fresh action.
Tech Savvy: 55+ WPM, Excel guru, Google enthusiast, uses Slack threads
Consistent Communication: Frequently convey info with clarity, accuracy, and purpose to all parties. 
Teaching: Help others learn, share your knowledge. 

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