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Email Marketing Specialist

Job Summary:
The Email Marketing Specialist’s primary focus will be to excel in the realm of email marketing. The responsibility shall include planning, executing and optimizing email marketing campaigns. Striving the reach specific outcomes such as lead generation, client engagement or promotional activities by crafting enthralling email content, segmenting audiences, conducting A/B testing, and harnessing automation tools. Meticulous approach is imperative to campaign management, data-driven decision-making and collaboration with cross-functional teams will be vital in achieving growth and success in the digital marketing landscape.
Key Responsibilities:
Reports to the Sales Manager/Marketing Manager/Operations Manager regarding the productivity under the Operations Department, the challenges encountered with their respective action plan, and strategies to be developed or implemented;

Specific Responsibilities:
Email Marketing Mastery: Develop, execute, and optimize email marketing campaigns aimed at achieving specific goals, such as lead generation, client engagement, or promotional activities;
Campaign Coordination: Collaborate with the marketing team to ensure the successful execution of email campaigns, aligning them with overall marketing objectives and adhering to established standards;
Content Creation: Craft compelling and engaging email content, including copywriting and creative assets, to drive desired actions and engagement from recipients;Segmentation and Targeting: Leverage audience segmentation techniques to ensure that emails reach the right recipients with tailored messaging;
A/B Testing: Implement A/B testing methodologies to optimize email performance, analyzing results and making data-driven adjustments;
Automation: Utilize email marketing automation tools to streamline processes and deliver personalized and timely email communications;
Performance Analytics: Monitor and analyze the performance of email campaigns, tracking key metrics and KPIs, and providing insights and recommendations for improvement;
Compliance: Ensure that all email marketing efforts comply with relevant regulations and best practices;
Stay Informed: Stay up to date with industry trends, emerging email marketing technologies, and best practices, incorporating innovative approaches into your strategies;
Collaboration: Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including sales and content creators, to align email marketing activities with broader company objectives;Other related duties.  
Education: At least a Diploma in any discipline;
Skills and Work Experiences: 
a. 2-4 years of experience in email marketing, with a focus on strategy development and campaign execution.
b. Experience using Email Marketing Automation tools required. (Instantly highly preferred)
c.Proven track record of managing successful email marketing campaigns and delivering measurable results.
d. Proficiency in email marketing platforms and marketing automation tools.
e. Strong analytical skills and the ability to use data-driven insights to optimize email campaign performance.
f. Excellent written communication skills, with the ability to craft compelling email content.
g. Detail-oriented and organized, capable of managing multiple email campaigns simultaneously.
h. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.
i. Self-motivated and results-oriented mindset, with a passion for achieving successful email marketing outcomes.
j. Familiarity with the Amazon ecosystem is a plus.  
Key Performance Indicators:
Learning: Never-ending acquisition of knowledge and skills.
Eagerness: To get started. Keenness. Bias for fresh action.
Tech Savvy: 55+ WPM, Excel guru, Google enthusiast, uses Slack threads
Consistent Communication: Frequently convey info with clarity, accuracy, and purpose to all parties
Category: Marketing
Employeement Type: Flexible Freelance

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