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Graphics Designer

Job Summary:
The Graphic Designer is an expert in graphic design with a strong portfolio in A+ content
Key Responsibilities:
Reports to the Sales Manager/Marketing Manager/Operations Manager regarding the productivity under the Operations Department, the challenges encountered with their respective action plan, and strategies to be developed or implemented;

Specific Responsibilities:
a. Create compelling Brand Stories, A+ Content, and full Brand Stores (detailed storefront build);
b. Independently create infographics/images, A+ content, and other creative works for clients on brand;
c. Plan concepts by studying the information provided by the client;
d. Visualize and illustrate concepts by creating/editing designs;
e. Create listing graphics or any graphics per client/manager/s request;
Monday board is well maintained with zero overdue tasks at the end of the day;
f. Communicate effectively with peers, managers, and clients to accomplish projects;
g. Proactively contributes to the team by aiding when necessary;
h. Must have sign off from Creative leadership for competency;
i. Be available for all Team Syncs and important organizational meetings;
j. All of the above are subject to change as business has evolving needs; 
k. Other related duties.  
Education: At least a Diploma in any discipline;
Skills and Work Experiences: 
a. Proven work experience as an A+ Content/Brand Store Designer;
b. Hands-on experience with editing software, including but not limited to Adobe After Effects, Lightworks, Premier, etc;
c. Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator (but not limited to these);
d.. Must be comfortable communicating w/ colleagues;
e. Creative and artistic skills;
f. Ability to translate ideas into complete projects;Amazon (e-commerce) experience is a plus!  
Key Performance Indicators:
Learning: Never-ending acquisition of knowledge and skills.
Eagerness: To get started. Keenness. Bias for fresh action.
Tech Savvy: 55+ WPM, Excel guru, Google enthusiast, uses Slack threads
Consistent Communication: Frequently convey info with clarity, accuracy, and purpose to all parties. 
Employeement Type: Flexible Freelance

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