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Overcoming Your Amazon FBA Fears with Jerome Basilio’s Team!

Let’s face it, Amazon FBA is one of the easiest, and, at the same time, safest ways to succeed in your Amazon business. But, unfortunately, for most e-commerce sellers, selling through Amazon FBA is associated with suspension and high fees. The root cause of these fears is hidden in lack of knowledge in these spheres. In order to dispel all fears connected with selling on Amazon FBA, Jerome Basilio’s team has prepared a short guideline which will help you overcome all fears concerning Amazon FBA.

Fear # 1 Prices!

Unfortunately, it is a general rule of thumb that when the demand on products increases, the prices on certain products can also increase. Especially, this is notable during the pre-Christmas period when millions of parents are rushing to get a must-have toy for their children. Amazon provides its sellers with a repricing software which can drastically simplify the process of price management. It will help you maximize your profit, and keep high sales on Amazon. Additionally, as an FBA seller, you should be aware of the fact that for winning the Amazon Buy Box, you should not reduce your prices. This is just a common Amazon myth. That’s because there are lots of factors which can affect this process, for example your ODR metrics.

Fear # 2 Amazon Suspensions

One of the main common fears concerning selling on Amazon, is getting Amazon suspensions. There are lots of reasons why Amazon can suspend your selling privileges; however, the most commons are performance and violation.  Therefore, you should be extra careful when it comes to your performance. Try to ensure that your customers receive good customer service, and the goods coming from your suppliers are 100 percent genuine. Keep in mind, that you are only a guest for Amazon who has to abide its rules and regulations. There are lots of tips which will help you reduce the possibility of getting suspended by Amazon; however, if you find yourself faced with an Amazon suspension, you can reach out to our partners from Got Suspended Clients who will help you return your selling privileges in the shortest period of time.

Fear # 3 Paid Services

Of course, Amazon has lots of services for using which it can charge additional money from you. However, if you don’t want to overpay Amazon, you can devote some time and reprice your listings manually.

Fear # 4 Used Items

There are lots of sellers who turn a good profit from selling used items, while the others strictly refuse to sell such items. But facts are facts: used items can visually increase your sales, by making up all losses within your FBA business.


Fear # 5 New Categories

Generally, when sellers start selling on Amazon, they prefer to concentrate on one category of products; however, do not rush to put all your eggs in one basket! Try your forces in new categories of products. Believe us, it will help you a lot in gaining the attention of new customers. Don’t afraid to risk, and success will not be long in coming!

There you go! We have introduced you to the most common fears that Amazon sellers meet during their operation through Amazon FBA. If you still have any fears, then contact Jerome Basilio’s team, and we will gladly answer to all your questions concerning Amazon FBA. Moreover, we will help you launch an FBA business on Amazon by providing you with the best suppliers from whom you can source 100 authentic products. By cooperating with our team, you can be sure that your FBA business is in the right hands!





Jerome Basilio

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