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Are There Any Amazon FBA Alternatives?

The biggest part of sellers who intend to launch an e-commerce business on Amazon give their preferences to Amazon FBA, since it is the best choice for creating a safe, and, at the same time, a profitable online business. That’s because Amazon provides FBA sellers with tons of advantages for building a great business, by doing all the hard work instead of you. However, most sellers do not underestimate the real benefits of FBA Amazon, and prefer to find alternatives for it.

Of course, there are several alternatives to FBA that you can consider for your e-commerce business. We have collected several fulfilment services which can be used as an option instead of Amazon FBA.



The first fulfilment service that we are going to talk about is ShipBob, which is a completely new player in this field. It was created in 2014, and currently has more than 500 employees. Even though it is a new company, more than 3,600 business owners use this service. Among the main advantages of this company is that they are open to fulfil different products such as clothing, shoes, health products, beauty products and many others.

So, if you are a small business owner who does not have much money for investing in an e-commerce business, then this method is what you need.


ShipMonk is also a novice company in this sphere; however, the company has its fulfilment branches all over the world. You can find them in different corners of the world, from Australia to Russia. If you are a beginner, then this service is what you really need, since it does not set a minimum number of orders.

FedEx Fulfillment

FedEx is one of the most popular shipping services which is widely-known all over the world. It offers fulfilment services for most e-commerce sellers. With more than 400,000 employees, FedEx can easily fulfill millions of orders every day.  However, before turning to this company, you should keep in mind that a minimum order volume is 1,130,00 per year, which means if you are a small business owner with low sales, then you cannot use this company for your online business.

eFulfillment Service

This company provides its users with tons of benefits, since it doesn’t require startup fees. There are no minimum order values and storage fees. Hence, this method is affordable for everyone who intends to launch an e-commerce business.


This fulfilment center also has its branches in different corners of the world: you can find them in Europe, Asia, Australia and China. With more than 2,800 users, Shipwire ships nearly 800 million orders each year. Additionally, company provides its customers with different packaging options and with an opportunity to choose a storage location.

Another widely-used alternative for Amazon FBA is, which is specialized in e-commerce fulfilment. A minimum quantity for orders is 21,659 orders to more than 160 different countries annually. So, if you are a small business owner you can consider this company as an option for your e-commerce business.


Ships-a-Lot is a unique company which provides its customers with an option for a 24-hour turnaround; otherwise, they compensate you with $20.  A monthly fee is a $35, for both storing and shipping your orders. All you need to do is to place an order and Ships-a-Lot will handle the rest.

According to the above-mentioned, you can ensure that there are lots of alternatives for Amazon FBA. But, as practice shows, customers are very out of touch with how to build and develop a successful e-commerce business. Of course, if you are okay with the fact to stay on the same level with your small business, then these services are what you really need. But if you want to build a powerful and high-grossing online business, then FBA is the best choice for your business. Facts are facts! Amazon is a great empire with more than 310 customers, which allows sellers to succeed on Amazon in a very short period of time. If you need help in building a powerful business on Amazon, contact Jerome Basilio’s team, and we will gladly help you become a successful business owner on the biggest online platform on a global scale!





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