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Shopify vs. FBA: Battle of Ecommerce

Which One Is the Best for Selling In 2021?

When one decides to start an e- commerce business, one of the most important decisions that he or she has to make is choosing the right e-commerce platform. There are two acknowledged leaders who are leading the pack in this segment, Amazon FBA and Shopify. In order to understand which platform is the best, we are going to figure out all the pros and the cons of both platforms. First of all, it is wise to mention that both platforms are quite reliable in the e-commerce world; however, there is always the best of the best! Let’s try to understand which platform suits you more for starting your e-commerce business.


Main Differences Between Amazon and Shopify

The main difference between these two platforms is that when you start selling on Amazon, you should not worry about crucial aspects such as creating and designing your own store. That’s because everything has already been done for you. All you need to do is to list your products and get the ball rolling. While when it comes to selling through Shopify, you have to design your store from scratch. Additionally, Amazon provides its sellers with an opportunity to reach thousands of customers who are ready to buy your products. By selling on Amazon, you can be sure that you are running your business through a reputable and trustworthy platform. But, let’s dive deeper, and figure out the advantages and disadvantages of both models.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling on Shopify

Shopify is a quite simple platform which allows customers to start their business on this platform easily. So, if you don’t have enough technical experience, Shopify will be the right choice for you. Additionally, you are provided with an opportunity to create your own store, which will belong solely to you.

Among the main benefits of Shopify are:

  • Simple to use
  • Free 90-days trial
  • Free Shopify payments
  • More control over your store
  • Sole ownership of your store
  • Flexible design

However, there are also several disadvantages that you should consider before starting your business on Shopify:

  • You are totally responsible for the entire process of marketing
  • If you implement additional apps, your monthly fees will increase
  • You do not have access to reports with the basic plan
  • Your monthly fees will increase if you start using third-party payment providers
  • You have to put both effort and money in order to promote your brand

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling on Amazon FBA

Amazon is cornering the market among other e- commerce platforms. However, if you want to succeed by running business on Amazon, you should be ready that it is going to be quite a time-consuming process. At the same time, you can easily launch your business on Amazon without having special technical experience.

The Advantages of Amazon FBA:

  • You can use the FBA service
  • Gain access to a world-wide audience
  • Immediate selling possibility after registering your account
  • No worries about brand reputation
  • Available sales report data
  • Trial Amazon pro up to 30 days
  • No headaches for returns and refunds

Disadvantages of Amazon FBA

  • Amazon fees that you have to pay for each sale
  • Adherent to Amazon’s rules and regulations (which is not a bad thing actually!)
  • No control over your store page
  • No design options for your store

Which one is the best?

Of course, both platforms have their pros and cons; however, by choosing FBA Amazon, you can be sure that your FBA business is in the right direction. All you need to do is to market your business. Additionally, it is very easy to start. Especially, if you are cooperating with Jerome Basilio’s team; You can be sure that your e-commerce business will have a tremendously successful startup. That being said, there are many others who would prefer to invest in a stand-alone Shopify store. That’s perfectly fine! We can find solutions for you as well!




Jerome Basilio

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