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Amazon Wholesale Automation

Automation Is the New Trend

It’s not clear why this happens, but as technology advances, we start to want more and more automated services. We want everything fast, efficient…and automated. There are self-stirring coffee mugs, fully automatic cars, and smart vacuum cleaners which eat dust without you doing much work. Very soon, we might even have robots who will do any and all activities we do not want to bother out time with.

Naturally, the same thing has happened with businesses. Especially ecommerce businesses, a marketplace where efficiency is much more important compared to standard brick and mortal stores. Ecommerce is the business equivalent to fast food restaurants. People need things online to be fast and efficient. One click and the product arrives at your doorstep without leaving the house!

If automation is widely-used in ecommerce, then it means that it is definitely widely used on Amazon, which is pretty much the posterchild and one of the biggest dominators of the ecommerce industry, taking it more than 50% of the total shares.

With a platform as customer-friendly as Amazon’s, it’s not surprise that Amazon sellers strive to become better and more efficient at selling products while doing business on Amazon. And things like Amazon automation are what sellers use to make their Amazon business more structured and professional. Especially if they are doing the wholesale business model on Amazon, where they have to deal with not just one product, but literally hundreds. Even Amazon itself uses automation. In fact, the vast majority of Amazon’s fulfillment centers are almost completely automated!

But, let’s talk about the main question which arises when selling on Amazon:

What is Amazon Automation and how does it relate to my Amazon business?

When we’re talking about Amazon automation, we mostly refer to Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA. It is a fulfillment method that is offered by Amazon itself, is the right way to go about doing things automated on this platform. To put things in a nutshell, sellers who sell on Amazon do not need to worry about the packing and shipping process, nor the headache of inventory returns and customer support. Another advantage of doing FBA is that you will have a higher chance to secure the Buy Box as an Amazon seller, especially if you also sell brand new items.

If well managed, an Amazon FBA business can scale up very fast, which is why many sellers opt to make more money using this method.

All things considered, we definitely recommend using this model over FBM for your wholesale business.

OK, but what about automation?

Generally, Amazon FBA will help automate the following processes:

  • Packing and shipping inventory
  • Taking care of product returns
  • Taking care of feedback and customer care

Even though this does not look like much, but trust us…it can save you a lot of headache and time! Time which you can focus on other aspects of your business, such as product research, figuring out profitable products to sell, and the marketing side of things. Again, if you are doing wholesale on Amazon as a third-party seller, you are not dealing with one or two items, but literally thousands of products to sell!

Automation with Amazon FBA comes at a cost!

Even though Amazon FBA looks like the perfect deal, there are obviously fees that Amazon will require. Storage fees, for example, are taken from the sellers in order to store inventory in Amazon’s warehouses.

Nevertheless, if you conduct research and sell only products which have high monthly sales and make good profit, the fees Amazon takes would not be that astronomical, and your customers will be happy because they will know that you provide top-notch service.

How do I automate Amazon FBA?

You don’t really have to…

If you are opting for Amazon FBA, then it means you already have an Amazon account. All you need to do is to check the “Fulfillment by Amazon” box when you are creating a shipping plan for your products, and Amazon will take care of the rest. It will store the inventory in its warehouses, and the rest they say, is history! Just make sure you find the right wholesale products with high Amazon sales.

How much does it cost to start Amazon automation?

The automation part itself does not really cost anything! You simply create your Amazon account (and pay the minimal fees related to that), get started with entering the information (such as providing the necessary documentation, email address, phone number, credit card info, etc.) and you may begin the main process!

If you are selling on Amazon under the wholesale business model, then we have good news for you:

You do not need a high capital to get started. You may start with as less as $300, and it would not take too long for your profits to skyrocket, if you work hard and make sure to do things the right way. One more thing: If you are purchasing products from any brand to sell, make sure you become an authorized sellers for that brand. A brand is different from a regular supply chain and if their legal people find out that you have sold their brand without authorization, they will come after you! And we all know that legal cases cost a lot of money.

Besides the initial capital, you will also not need too many people right off the bat for your wholesale business. You can add more people as you scale.

FBA will automatically take care of the rest for you, and they do not charge any fees for the automation process besides the standard FBA fees.

Does Amazon have wholesale?

The short answer is…yes!

If you want to purchase products in bulk or wholesale and then resell them to customers, Amazon Business has an option available. According to themselves, “Buying in bulk is easy with the tools Amazon Business customers have access to and the thousands of products available for purchase in bulk quantities.” They will offer you a wide product selection you can choose from and get great discounts for, and they will also provide recurring delivery which is again, automated!

Yes, Amazon Business’s recurring delivery option allows you to automate product deliveries, and amp them up with great pricing and free standard shipping. And guess what? It’s free of charge! If you ever find that it does not work, you can just cancel it at any time.

To check out the wide selection of products that Amazon Business offers for wholesale, you can visit the Bulk Supply store.

However, the product category is limited. So, in case you are more keen on selling in a wider product range, you will have to find supply chains to work with. Again, this does not cost too much money, but it is time-consuming. Which is why we invite you to use our benefits to your advantage!

If you are looking to invest in an online Amazon business, and become the next big Amazon seller who owns the Buy Box on the best products, has videos on the internet about selling big on Amazon, then get ready for some good news!

Jerome Basilio has been in the game for many years, and his team will help you with starting up your Amazon FBA business, with perks like full automation solutions, product picking strategies, and the whole nine yards! Get your chance at becoming a successful seller on Amazon today. Use our strategies to your advantage.

You may give us a call at any time and we will run everything by you!

Jerome Basilio

Assisting businesses with Wholesale and Multimarket Management services is a passion of mine and that is why I formed Basilio Corporation, providing such services for 84 companies as of today. Basilio Corporation has sold a total of 52 stores for seven figures, in open digital exit broker companies. The company has partnered with Khachaturov Group, a leader in multiple industries, which has strengthened its resources. Over the years, I have used my experience to consult top players in the business, and mentored minds which became influential millionaires in the eCommerce sphere.

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