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How to Open an Amazon Shop? Beginner’s Guide!

Hi. We are a professional Amazon business service, and we are happy to welcome you to the world of Amazon. This will be a fascinating journey, since it is filled with tons of difficulties but also pretty good income, real time negotiations with the customers and so forth. If you want to become a seller, and enjoy all the advantages of selling on Amazon, you should first of all create an Amazon seller account. Amazon store is what attracts most people across the world: it’s not just selling products, it’s about managing your store, taking care of your brands and so forth. Sellers usually call Amazon store as storefront, so don’t get confused when you meet this term. Selling on Amazon is not one of the easiest things of the world, and we are ready to prepare you for that!

How to create an Amazon store?

What Selling Plans Exists on Amazon?

According to the platform, you should first of all select your selling plan. In general, there are two types of selling plans on Amazon – individual and professional plans. If you choose an individual plan, you will sell on Amazon by paying $0.99 for selling a product. On the other hand, the professional plan will make you pay $39.99 per month. In this case, the cost will be fixed – despite the number of sold items. Please note that both plans require referral fees for each sale you have on Amazon. The cost varies from category to category: these are details, just tell us if you need our help!

Selling Strategies of Amazon

If you visit Amazon’s website, you’ll see that Amazon showcases two main selling strategies: reselling and owning a brand. If you decide to become a reseller, you’ll have to find best selling products, and list them in your Amazon store. However, if you go for owning your own brand, you will create/manufacture your proper products (one of the perks of which is taking advantage of Amazon’s brand registry program). Private labeling is a part of this category; you can source goods and sell them under a private label. Amazon stores can be operated in different ways possible, and you should choose your own. Do you want to have your own brand, or do you want to resell already existing products? Do you want to come up with a brand name? Or you want to sell best sellers? Do you want to come up with a new product, or you want to do your research, create a unique image, and so forth? Think about it, build your business wisely!

How to open an Amazon shop?

And ta daa, let’s see what you need to create your Amazon account!

According to Amazon, “you can use your customer account to start selling, or you can create a new Amazon seller account with your business email.” To sign up, you as a future Amazon seller, need basic documents and information, such as your business email address or your Amazon customer account and so forth. More precisely, you’ll need:

  • Business email address or Amazon customer account
  • Government ID
  • Chargeable Credit Card
  • Tax Information
  • Phone Number
  • Bank Account Information

The number of requirements is not as big as you may think. All the documents are easy to get, and you definitely won’t bother a lot. Amazon’s main mission is to simplify all the steps that both shoppers and sellers should take to work on this platform.

How can I sell on Amazon for free? Is it possible?

How much does it cost to open an Amazon store?

As we said, opening an account is free on Amazon. If you open an individual account, you’ll pay $0.99 for selling an item. If you open a professional seller account, you’ll pay $39.99 per month.

Is it profitable to sell on Amazon?

Yes, it is! You can build a great image, your name as an Amazon seller, fill your store with products from top brands, and create a storefront which attracts many customers. You can have the ultimate experience with Amazon, provided you do things correctly.

There are two ways to sell on Amazon – FBA and FBM. Sellers usually prefer FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon because of its simplicity and stress-free nature. If you select FBA, you’ll trust your products to Amazon. It will pick pack and ship your products directly to customer, and you’ll practically get your income sitting on a couch. Shoppers are everywhere, you just have to make the best out of that! Set up an account, and your every sale will bring you one step closer to the intended result. Every single step counts, be careful and act wisely!

It’s estimated that the average income that registered Amazon sellers get is $1000 per month; however, top sellers of Amazon receive more than $200,000! What do you think now, is it profitable? If you are registered as an Amazon seller, you are able to experience a fortune: it’s a matter of effort and will! You just have to find the right products, and know how to sell them! Make sure you’re on the right track with your products: if you choose the wrong ones, you will either lose your business because of bankruptcy, or because of Amazon suspensions!

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Every brand that exists on Amazon knows the importance of protection. Infringers and rogue sellers are everywhere, that’s why being protected is a must, especially when your business is in the e commerce sphere! Amazon saw many brands experience terrible results, and finally came up with a safer plan for the brands which use its platform to sell.

In other words, Amazon Brand Registry is a program created by Amazon that protects brand owners and their products from counterfeiters and infringers. By the way, if you want to protect your brand, make sure you have registered trademark! Maintaining a brand is extremely important, especially when you want your brand to grow and succeed. Your brand name is one of the most important things that you have on Amazon, don’t lose it!

If brands that are part of this program find a seller that infringed by their rights, they can contact the special brand registry team to report about the possible problem. It can be anything: from intellectual property infringements to listing and technical issues. What’s more important, members of this program have the opportunity to use marketing programs that will boost their business, such as A+ content or Amazon storefronts. Your brand needs the best care and protection: without it, your brand simply won’t survive in the never-ending competition of Amazon.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

As an Amazon seller, you have to know everything about Amazon Seller Central. This is the main page you’ll visit while selling on this very platform! You will need it while selling your products, managing your business in Amazon, updating product information, and so forth! For example, if you need to improve your business with the help of certain reports and so forth, you’ll find them in Seller Central. There is a lot of material there which you can use simply with a click! If you need to contact your seller support, you can do that too. Just create your Amazon account, and if you have other questions, just let us know!

What is product listing?

If you want to showcase your products and sell them on Amazon, you should create listings for your product. What’s more, you can avoid creating a new listing by matching your products to another, already created listing. This depends on the product: if you are the only one who’s selling it, you have to create your own listings. How should you list them? If you’re a professional seller, you can list the product using bulk uploading, or you can even work with inventory management systems. However, if you decided to become an individual seller, you have to list all your products separately.

What is a product detail page?

This is something you should know before working and operating your business on Amazon A product detail page is the place where your customers see, estimate and decide to buy your products from. If you’re not the only one who sells this product, Amazon will automatically create one product detail page. Just make sure you include everything in your product detail page; Amazon stores are easy to manage if you know how. If you want to have the best product detail page, make sure your steps are aimed at attracting more and more customers. Your product detail page should be easy to find, should definitely solve customers’ problem, and so forth. Your sales highly depend on your product detail page; make sure you do everything accordingly.

Product detail page should be full of details, content and keywords that will make your product more visible and searchable to customers.

What are Product Categories?

There are several product categories that you can sell on Amazon. For example, apps and games, baby products, beauty products and so on. One of the most popular product categories is home & kitchen, sports&outdoors and so forth…

Something about risks

There are several risks that exist while selling on Amazon, especially for new sellers. This is especially frightening when we are talking about Amazon suspensions. Suspensions can occur because of literally anything! For example:

  • Selling the wrong product
  • Infringing by the rights of the brand
  • Hurting and being impolite to your shoppers
  • Disregarding the metrics of your storefront
  • Damaging sellers’ reputation
  • Ruining other sellers’ image
  • Ignore delivery time, ship the products late
  • And so forth…


In other words, if you want to create an Amazon store, you should have the needed information first. Amazon’s requirements are sometimes tough, but in this case, it’s super easy! The only thing you should understand is that having yourself registered in Amazon is a great responsibility: you have to take care of Amazon shoppers, always monitor the number of products existing in your stock and so forth. So go ahead, build your business on Amazon, name it, and gain experience as much as you can!

Reach out to us any day if you want to invest in an Amazon business and start your career! We’re professionals in this sphere, and rest assured, your investment will triple in a short amount of time with our help and experience!

Jerome Basilio

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