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How to Make Money on Amazon

Everyone says “Hey, let’s make money on Amazon,” but no one says how and when. Making money on Amazon can be easy if you know all the ways, techniques and methods to do that, and we will help you with that! First of all, we should say that they are many ways to make money on this platform, but before that, there’s something you should know. Selling on Amazon is a huge responsibility because you not only sell products on Amazon, but you also communicate with customers, provide customer service, and so forth… When you sell products on Amazon, you have to be sure that they are high-quality, and that they are shipped on time, to the right customers. Before talking about the ways to make money on Amazon, we would like to answer to a very common question: how can you make money on Amazon without selling there?

How to make money on Amazon without actually selling?

Yes, it is possible! Amazon has a special program that is a great way to make money on one of the world’s largest selling platforms of the world! This program is called Amazon Associates and is a mainly referral program. Within this Amazon affiliate program, a commission is paid to referring websites. This means that there’s a link on your website that sends shoppers to Amazon, you’ll get your percentage of the sale if that customers purchase something during the next 24 hours. For this program, Amazon has established fixed standard program fees. For example, it’s 10% for luxury beauty and Amazon coins, 5.50% for outdoors, tools, and so on. Pay attention to your conversion rate! It is a tool that will identify the number of people who click on the affiliate links and purchase something from the promoted website.

This is a type of affiliate marketing, where you earn a commission by advertising another company’s products. If you get started with this affiliate program, you’ll make money with Amazon without actually selling there! If you need to know more, just contact us!

Private Label: Ways to make money on Amazon!

Even though there are different ways to sell on Amazon, private label is among the most popular ones! This is when you manufacture existing products, put your logo and brand name on them, and sell your products to Amazon customers. Why private labeling sells better? Just because products are more unique, and people always preferred uniqueness, didn’t they?

Kindle Direct Publishing: Make Money Online on Amazon!

This publishing allows writers all over the world to publish their own books; isn’t it wonderful? If you’re a professional (or novice) writer, and you want to earn much money on Amazon, you can definitely use this opportunity! Books on Amazon sell better than you think, why don’t you try?

What Do You Know About Retail Arbitrage?

This is when sellers go to retail stores, find and purchase the products they want to sell, and list them on the platform. This is how many sellers start their business on Amazon as a way to earn money! However, this type of business may be sometimes difficult to operate: you face harsh competition, sometimes you unintentionally sell counterfeits and so forth… In life, there’s no risk zero, especially when we talk about retail arbitrage, what can we say?

Or Maybe Online Arbitrage?

If you look closer you’ll understand that retail and online arbitrage are practically the same! In the first case, you go to the store, buy the products yourself, and only then list and sell them on Amazon. In the second case, you do the same thing, only this time on online platforms. For example, you order products from eBay or Alibaba, and sell them on Amazon! Make sure you know about the risks! You’ll face competition, because there’s nothing more dangerous than sellers who want to win you!

Become an Amazon Employee!

Amazon is considered to be one of the biggest employers of the world, and it opens tons of opportunities. You can either become an Amazon driver, ship your inventory to the customers, and get paid for that, or you can work from home! In the first case, you can work with Amazon flex, and earn much money! In the second case, you can become an Amazon rep and work from your own home without spending time on the way to the office! You can have either a full-time job or maybe even part-time: you just need to negotiate with your employer, and work!

Amazon Mechanical Turk Program

According to Amazon’s website, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource their processes and jobs to a distributed workforce who can perform these tasks virtually.

Join Amazon Handmade!

Amazon has various programs that help people across the world grow and develop. One of them is Amazon handmade. If you have talent, are able to craft your own products, and you feel that you need to create something genius, you can become a part of this program, and sell your masterpiece on Amazon’s platform.

Use Merch by Amazon!

This is the best way to sell a product without even working that much! Amazon itself says that all you should do is upload your artwork, choose a product type and color, and add a product description. Amazon will create a product page on the platform, and when customers buy your product, Amazon will handle production, shipping, and customer service! There are many Amazon services: find your and launch your money-making process!

What Sells The Most on Amazon?

There’s no specific product that can be considered a best-seller. But there are specific product categories that can become your bestest dream! For example, toys and games is one of the most popular categories of Amazon, why? Because there are always kids, and there are always those who want to play with colorful toys! Another popular category is electronic accessories and gadgets. If you want to know more about categories, contact us!

Selling on Amazon: Is it profitable?

Selling on Amazon is extremely profitable when you know what to sell, when to sell and how to sell your products. An average seller has an income of $1000 per month, meanwhile Amazon’s best sellers receive more than $200,000!

If you choose Fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon FBA), you’ll actually earn more, because Amazon takes care of all the vital processes. It keeps the products, prepares them in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and so forth! In this very case, you’ll be able to source more products and concentrate on more important things! Amazon products should always be well-prepared, and Amazon seller can either trust them to the platform or do everything by themselves!


If you want to make a profit, or maybe earn some extra money, you should definitely use one of these methods! If you have some products to sell, it’s perfect! But if you don’t have certain products, you can use one of Amazon’s services. In any case, you will succeed!

Investing Opportunities

Apart from everything we do, we offer investing opportunities! Invest in already existing or new Amazon selling accounts, and get your percentage of the sales! Make the best out of your investment, together with us at Jerome Basilio! Remember, you must spend money to make it!

Jerome Basilio

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